Review – God Eater Episode 2 “Lindow Amamiya”

Review written by Bananaowns

Picking up immediately where the last episode left off, the second episode of God Eater lacks the level of strength of the first episode. However, that is not to say that is a bad, but it merely continues the exposition dump, while setting up the more action packed episode next week.

The episode opens up with the immediate aftermath of Lenka activating the special ability of his God-Eater. Lenka’s God Eater is categorized as a New-Type, which apparently is able to transform between a ranged and a blade version. Lenka’s inexperience with his weapon causes the members of the First Unit to assist him. The leader of the First Unit, Lindow Amamiya, is implied to become somewhat of a mentor to Lenka. He is an interesting character. Lindow is calculated, cool, but there is a hint of weariness about him. This becomes more apparent as the episode continues.

God Eater 4

It is important to remember Lenka’s motivation in disobeying direct orders to not participate in the fight. Lenka’s brashness was directly caused by his desire to save people. In this episode, he saved an injured God-Eater named Eric from certain death by the Aragami. It is obvious that Lindow respects this action, but it becomes apparent that Lenka is relatively useless in the battle when a larger Aragami arrives. Lenka is quickly knocked out and the episode has a slight time skip. Due to his insubordination, Lenka is thrown until jail as he recovers from the battle. His superiors also consider confiscating his God-Arc, but the special nature of his weapon prevents this from occurring.

The prison section of the episode is relatively uninteresting, with only two notable parts: the sacrifice of Eric and the introduction of another New-Type user. Eric sacrifices his life when an Aragami attempts to attack an unconscious Lenka. This is the type of landmark event that really drives character development in anime. It is quite tragic that Lenka’s lack of experience directly conflicted with his ability to help others. Hopefully, this leads to at least a slight change in character, with a more motivated Lenka. Due to the attack on the Far East Branch, the Russian Branch sends a convoy with the aforementioned second New Type user. This female New Type user is hinted at possessing a frighteningly effective level of ability. The forum users champion this new character as the best girl of the series, so hopefully she is allowed to display her fighting prowess in the next episode. It certainly seems that the next episode is heading in that direction. The air convoy carrying the Russian members is attacked by Aragami and Lindow recruits Lenka to assist him in getting the New-Type user to safety. The episode abruptly ends after this development.

God Eater 3

For all intents and purposes, this episode was a classic set-up episode. The action was very minimal, a shame considering how well animated the action is in this series. It was not extraordinarily entertaining, but was necessary for the plot to move forward. All series have episodes of this type. They will never be anyone’s most watched episode, but they serve to make the audience appreciate the moments of greatness that result from the buildup. Of course some series fail to capitalize on the buildup, but God Eater shows no sign of failing just yet. The strengths of this episode are the new character motivation for Lenka and the introduction of the other New Type user. One last thing to mention in the strength column is the opening. The opening is phenomenal. It is stylish and it perfectly sets the mood of the series, while providing a sneak peek at the other New Type user.

This episode was merely a preview for next week’s more exciting episode. For that reason, this episode receives a rating of a 6/10. It has some great moments, but serves as the proverbial tease for next week.


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