Review – God Eater Episode 3 “Alisa Illinichina Amiella”

Written by Bananaowns

In my previous God Eater reviews, I keep mentioning about the potential of the show. In particular, I never seem to fail to mention Lenka’s slightly different attitude or how the weapons could potentially lead to some excellent choreographed fight scenes. I usually focus on potential almost to the point where it is sickening. Frankly, I feel vindicated after watching this episode. There was a presence of character development, but the highlight of the episode was the phenomenal action.

God Eater 5

The episode picks up with the start of the rescue mission featuring Lenka, Lindow and Sakuya. Their task is to bring back Alisa, the Russian New-Type user back to the Far East Branch. However, the air transport is swarming with a multitude of flying Aragami, each of which are able to evolve into a more powerful form. The situation is actually quite dire, but is offset by the bundle of badassery that is Alisa.

In the first few seconds of Alisa’s first action scene, we get a taste at just how effective New-Type users can be in combat. She runs all around the plane’s fuselage while constantly changing the form of her weapon from ranged to close quarters. It becomes quickly apparent that she outclasses Lenka in almost every single way. She also introduces a new type of ability possessed solely by New-Type users. Using the Aragami essence in their God Eater, New-Type users can devour other Aragami in order to replenish their ranged ammo. Basically, New Type users have infinite ammo as long as Aragami are present.

God Eater 6

Alisa quickly comes into conflict with the rescue squad, initially appearing very hostile to Lenka. Lenka even manages to get absolutely destroyed in a quick hand-to-hand battle with Alisa. This first introduction really paints Alisa in a negative light, but serves to heighten the eventual payoff. Her resentment of the rescue group lies with her inability to leave the many other injured passengers on the transport. Lenka’s desire to save people quickly puts him on Alisa’s side, something that initially shocks Alisa. These two characters are really quite similar; Alisa has just managed to overcome her faults. It’s almost like Lenka is looking at a future version of himself, albeit with very stylish plaid skirt. The rescue team comes up with a plan to make sure that the plane will reach the Far East Branch. The execution of the plan leads to the second half of the episode where the majority of the hype lies.

The second half of the episode is teeming with gorgeous action scenes that manage to surpass the glimpses of action present by the first episode of the series. Lenka analyzes Alisa’s abilities as a New-Type user and quickly begins to grasp the basics of his God Eater. He is able to actually be an asset in battle now and showcases his new abilities in a couple of stylish action sequences. It is in these few scenes that God Eater manages to surpass its competition due to the way the characters move. Lenka and Alisa are beautifully animated as they carry out an ever improving acrobatic display of Aragami killing. It’s the highlight of the episode as these two try to one up each other. Seriously, if all the future actions scenes mirror the ones in this episode to some extent, then it will be an exciting rest of the season. I could watch any number of these actions scenes repeatedly and never grow tired of them.

God Eater 7

Back to the plot of the episode, with the combined efforts of Alisa and the rescue squad, the group manages to fend off the Aragami attack. However, a monstrously large Aragami makes an appearance and the group is forced to use their helicopter as a decoy in order to escape. I am guessing that in one of the final episodes of the season, the God Eaters will have to take out one of these monstrous Aragami.  That about wraps up the episode, but there is still one more thing to address.

I have been neglecting the deluge of short flashback scenes during the episodes so far. These scenes showcase scientists working on some sort of experiment, with many of these scientists being prominent members of Fenrir. The flashback in this episode, strongly hints that the Aragami were created by those scientists and something went horribly wrong.

With that being said, this episode was an absolute delight to watch. Plenty of well animated action, slight advancement of Lenka, and backstory created a perfect mosaic of an episode. This episode receives a 9/10 from me.



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