Series Review – Bubuki/Buranki

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Sanzigen

I have been very vocal about my dislike for computer animation when it comes to anime.  So it was surprising when I actually started watching a completely CG show this last season.  It was a show that I actually enjoyed a bit.  It’s no masterpiece, but it was a guilty pleasure.  This review is going to be shorter because I don’t have too much to say about Bubuki/Buranki.  I’m Bananaowns and this is an Otaku Youth Anime Review.


Story & Characters

The setting involves giant sentient robots called Buranki that inhabit Treasure Island, a floating landmass located over Japan.  Migiwa Kazuki watches over the sleeping Buranki, but one day they start to wake up.  She sends Azuma and Kaoruko down to Earth in her personal Buranki named Oubu in order protect them.  Ten years later, Azuma travels to Japan to go back to Treasure Island.  He joins forces with a plethora of Bubuki users.  Bubukis are sentient weapons that form the limbs of the Buranki.  It’s actually very confusing at first.  However, Japan is controlled by a Buranki named Entei piloted by the mysterious Reoko Banryu.  So naturally the series focuses on Azuma and the Bubuki users coming together to take on Reoko and Entei.  It’s the typical power of friendship nonsense, but it manages to be entertaining.  It’s fortunate this show is getting second season because there are way too many mysteries that are not even addressed.

As for the characters, the show has a tendency to just keep adding more and more.  There are over six or so characters that are extremely important to the plot.  The show has a tendency to focus on the back stories of the main Bubuki users.  The issue with this comes with how much time it takes for this show to progress because of this focus and the addition of more characters.  There are about ten characters introduced in a single episode after the previous episodes focused on a lot of backstory.  This combination creates the feeling that the plot doesn’t really move all that fast.  It’s not necessarily true, but the feeling is there despite the large amount of progress made over the series.  Ultimately, Reoko is the highlight in terms of characters.  She possesses the most interesting past and the most interesting character arc in the series.   Overall, the plot and characters of this show are not really anything special, but manages to entertain.


Animation & Sound

I liked the stylized CG animation of this series.  The Buranki and the Bubuki look great in this style.  The mechanical aspects are represented perfectly in the animation.  The human characters don’t move with the same fluidity though.  A lot of the animation outside of the fight scenes is awkward.  The character movements seem stiff and at times the frame rate of these animations is terrible.  It’s like trying to run a PC game on a computer that just is not quite good enough.  The sound design is good; I have no problems with it whatsoever.  The sounds of the Bubuki and the Buranki are very well done.  The voice acting is great, but the music is my favorite aspect of the sound design.  The ending song alone is one of my favorites.  Overall, the animation excels in some aspects, but has lot of problems and the sound design is simply good.


Final Verdict

While this show was a guilty pleasure of mine, it actually was not that good.  The story and characters were forgettable.  The animation looked nice in some places, but had a lot of issues.  The sound design was great overall.  There just wasn’t that much there to categorize it as a show that was worth watching.  While I will check out the second season, I still give this show my Don’t Watch rating.  I’ll be back next week with a review of a show that I liked quite a bit.  Thanks for checking this one out.

Don't Watch


2 responses

  1. I honestly couldn’t get into this show at all. I watched about 4 episodes while it was airing and then had to walk away. At some point I will go and watch the end but I think it will be hard going. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.


    • It’s a weird show with what I can describe as a roller coaster of quality. Some moments are highly entertaining and remind me why I keep watching, but there are way too many moments that are just straight up bad. Despite the fact that I found some entertainment with the series, I seriously can’t recommend this show. Hopefully the second season will manage to have more of those great moments, but I’m not too hopeful.

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