The Drop Zone – My Little Monster

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Brain’s Base


It is time to cover another show that I unfortunately stopped watching.  It will probably be a significant length of time before I cover another series that I dropped.  Anyways, let us talk about My Little Monster for this installment of the Drop Zone.

This piece actually hurts a little bit.  I initially loved My Little Monster.  The animation was great with some solid character design.  The characters were quirky, but inherently interesting.  The rapid pace of the romance was also refreshing.  Anime romances usually take forever to develop and often the story ends after a confession.  Haru’s admission of love for Shizuku was so quick.  It made me excited to see how this series would turn out.  I wanted to see a series where the relationship is the focus.  The show would be about how the characters grow in their relationship.  The plotlines involving Haru’s family seemed to be going in this direction as Shizuku learned more about him.  I wanted to see these two find a sense of comfort in each other as they deal with a variety of issues.  It would be different from other anime by having a couple as the focus.

In a twist of tragic fate, this show turned into a typical romantic comedy after six episodes.  They introduced romantic competitors in a show where it was completely unnecessary.  Haru and Shizuku already liked each other.  More importantly, they both knew that the feelings were mutual.  The love triangles immediately made me lose interest in this series.  This added drama was so unnecessary given Shizuku and Haru’s complicated backgrounds.  I wanted the show to ditch the stereotypical romance drama for something different.  Once the show went down this route, I was done.  The excellent six episode build up was wasted on this pointless plotline, especially since Haru and Shizuku are guaranteed to end up together.  I’ll be back next week for another anime review and thanks for checking this one out.




One response

  1. The love triange was definitely the weaker part of the series, though it does make Shizuku come to a few realisations she may have taken longer to get to without that conflict coming up.


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