Fall 2016 – Anime Recommendations Part 4

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of A-1 Pictures, Studio MAPPA, Xebec

Although the winter season officially starts when this piece comes out, I am finally here to finish out the recommendations for the Fall season.  I apologize for taking a break during the holidays, but the reviews are coming back in full force now.



This is a show that I don’t think many people will stick with.  There are a large amount of differing plots to the point that it is difficult to follow the story for the first 6 episodes.  However, all of these plot points do converge and the story picks up immensely from that point onward.  This is a series that is rife with conspiracy and the occult centered on a blog run by Yuta Gamon.  The story is kind of messy, but the rest of the show manages to impress with the sound design and animation.  It might not please everyone, but be sure to check it out.


Yuri on Ice

One of the best shows of the season is surprisingly about competitive figure skating.  The main character, Yuri, suffers a terrible loss in the Grand Prix and considers retiring from the sport.  He manages to catch the attention of the number one figure skater, Victor.  Inspired by Yuri, Victor flies out to Japan and offers to be Yuri’s coach.  From here, the show largely focuses on the competition and the growing relationship between Yuri and Victor.  The story remains enthralling due to how well these characters mesh.  Throw in some impressive animation with the figure skating and the best soundtrack of the season, and it can be easily seen that this show is a must watch.



I broke my steadfast rule about watching ecchi shows with this stupid anime.  The series is centered on a young woman attending a Keijo school in order to become a professional player.  Keijo is a sport that features bikini-clad women attempting to knock each other off of a platform using only their boobs and their butts.  It’s as stupid as it sounds.  Featuring a large array of fan service and the crazy special techniques, the show was surprisingly entertaining to my embarrassment.  Those seeking for something crazy to watch should definitely check out this show.

I’ll be back next week with a review of a little film by Makato Shinkai that I managed to see in theaters last month.  As always, thanks for checking this final recommendation out.


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