Series Review – Keijo!!!!!!!!

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Studio Xebec

Anime can be used to tell stories that just cannot be captured by traditional filmmaking.  Serious stories about a variety of topics can be covered with this medium.  Given the amount of genres present, anime remains one of my favorites because literally anything can be told.  I used to have a line though with regards to certain series.  I avoided watching anything that could be considered to be overtly ecchi.  I maintained this standard for years, until I got bored one day.  To my disappointment, I crossed my line to watch the show that I am reviewing today.  The ridiculousness of Keijo caught my eye.  I am Bananaowns and this is an Otaku Youth anime review.


Story and Characters

Just to start out, the story for this series is rather typical for a sports anime.  The key difference lies with the sport itself.  Here, women play a sport known as Keijo.  Keijo matches are held on floating platforms where players wearing swimsuits fight to knock their opponents out.  Of course, they can only use their boobs and butts to hit each other.  This series is absolutely ridiculous in every manner and is fully devoted to showcasing copious amounts of fan service.  The basic story is relatively simple.  A young woman named Nozomi attends a Keijo training academy in order to become a pro.  Along the way, she makes friends and rivals.  This is not a serious anime, but the anime takes itself very seriously, which adds to the comedy.  Every character has a special technique that they use to great effect.  These techniques’ quickly become the focus of the show due to their absurdity.  One player uses her boobs to hypnotize the competition while another uses her ability for a technique that is an obvious reference to the Fate series.  It’s not Shakespeare, but what story is?  Overall, it’s stupid, but in a good way.


Animation and Sound

Of course the animation of the Keijo matches is the real draw here.  The character’s…assets are drawn very well.  It’s trashy, but works with the absurdity of the show.  The choreography is actually quite solid too for this anime which was a surprise.  The special techniques are phenomenal to look at.  Everything else is pretty mediocre in terms of animation.

Sound design is similar to the animation in many respects.  The Keijo matches actually have great foley work.  The impacts of the hits have a great…weight to them, which is good considering what is used in this “sport.”  I found the music and voice acting to be fairly average though.


Final Thoughts

This show represents everything that I was trying to avoid about anime between the blatant fan service and ridiculous premise.  I am embarrassed to say that I actually liked it.  The fights were entertaining and it was just so crazy that I couldn’t take it seriously.  I give Keijo my Watch rating.  I’ll be back next week for another review and thanks for checking this one out.

Watch Rating


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