The Drop Zone – Ace Attorney

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of A-1 Pictures

I’m Bananaowns and this is the Drop Zone, a series where I take a look at shows that I stopped watching.  It’s time to talk about Ace Attorney.


I don’t exactly know who this show was made for.  Fans of the video game series were disappointed in the adaptation of the many cases and characters and those who were unfamiliar with the series had no idea what the hell was happening.  I am in the latter camp as I have never played an Ace Attorney game before.  I am a current law student which made a show about lawyers really stand out to me.

When I started watching, I was surprised in what I saw.  The show was relatively nonsensical to me.  I was impressed with the content of the initial cases.  Watching Phoenix Wright solve cases was enthralling at the start.  However, the craziness of the court scenes just began to wear this initial enthusiasm down very quickly.  This was not helped by the animation quality.  The animation was wooden and the backgrounds were bland.  I could have probably stuck around a bit longer if the presentation was better.

I just didn’t get the appeal of this series.  I feel like the intrinsic charm of the games was lost in translation to an animated series.  I made it six episodes before I decided that I did not want to watch this any further.  Thanks for checking this piece out and I’ll be back next week for another review.